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Consistency & Accountability

We have systems in place to help you become consistent in your business and help you become accountable to your goals. Ask any of our brokers about the quality of service received.


We attract the biggest brokers in the Montreal market. Royal LePage Du Quartier has been recognized as the fastest growing 4 year consecutively. We know how to grow businesses and when you join we will grow yours as well.

Levelling up!

We have a variety of sales-based training, technical training, business-based training and mindset workshops to level up your real estate business.

Listen to it for yourself!

Adrian Blazevic talks about his  experience working at RLPDQ and using our systems!

What we do:


What are your strengths? Is it working with people? Is your strength understanding what they want? Or are you stronger at negotiation? Whatever your strengths are, stack them up one on top of the other. 

Come up with at least 3, backed up by 3 examples that prove that those are really your strengths! 

Remember the point of this exercise is to find the skills that you can easily master that can increase your business by 10X.

Decide to become the best version of yourself, and start noticing yourself doing things right every day.



It's been proven that you can have 100 people in a room who hear the same message and interpret it 100 different ways? Why is that?

Depending on where you are in your business and in your mindset, the interpretation will differ depending on your present situation and what you are ready to receive. 

You can make one little tweak in your business that could change everything! Are you ready to be open-minded? To break through your own limitations? To grow into the best version of yourself?

We are all here to make that happen for you.



There is great power in reading and writing your goals every week. Do you do this? Every time you execute this action you are one step closer to believing you will achieve it.

Does your office participate in holding you accountable to every step towards achieving your goal? Your dream? If not, why not?

You deserve the support of a full team.

We are committed to helping you sell more real estate and lead a balanced and happy life.



The best top notch salespeople in any industry do not let themselves feel that someone's ‘no’ is a personal attack on their person, it is a ‘no’ for today and maybe a ‘YES’ for tomorrow?

So what are you waiting for to learn what you need to have the right mindset for prospecting? Would you be okay with generating an unexpected $50,000 this year just because you learned to not take things personally?

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